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We’re a free, independent service that connects HOA board members to local management companies that match their needs.

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    Whether your organization is young or rapidly expanding.

    We will hand-pick the best potential matches for your community. We’ll connect you to those companies to ensure you find a management company that’s right for you.

    We were founded by the largest provider of software to the association management space. Many of us have worked for management companies. We saw how hard it was to find the right management company and as ambassadors to the space, we decided to solve the problem.


    We’ve been in the association management business for 15 years. Our mission is matchmaking. As association management industry veterans, we know there are great management companies. We want to help you find one.


    Searching for the best association management company is hard. It doesn’t have to be. We’ll give you a list of good fits. You decide from there.

    What you need to know about us


    We don’t own any management companies. We’re ambassadors to the space.


    This service is free of charge.


    Most of us have worked for association management companies. Our sister company is the largest software provider to association management companies.


    If you reach out to us, you’ll hear back quickly.




    We’ve been helping management companies and HOAs run efficiently for 15 years. We work with more than 16,000 homeowner and condominium owner associations across the country, as well as several hundred property management companies. Living in an association can be great and we want to help make it that way for you and your community.

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